Randy Johns - Executive Producer

As Executive Producer, Randy Johns brings a wealth of experience in management and communications to KCDC Media Projects. A founding member of KCDC, Randy also has a proven track record of working with northern business and communities on a wide range of successful education and communication initiatives.

Marty Ballentyne - Producer

Marty brings a broad range of experience to KCDC Media, including 4 years as a programming executive for APTN and a similar tenure as CEO of MBC. Marty has appeared in front of the camera as a member of the band Breach of Trust, but looks better behind the scenes.

James Sanderson - Camera / Editor / Web

Having started in IT, James brings a background of web design and programming to the team, in addition to an expanding knowledge of photography and video. His interest in media stems from years of musical writing and performance.

Richard Frisky - Camera / Editor